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“One More War to Fight” author Dr. Stephen Goldman talks about the bonding of Civil War Union soldiers after the war.

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Psychiatrist and author Dr. Stephen A. Goldman tackles postwar life of Union Civil War soldiers and their commitment to social change.

In his book, One More War to Fight: Union Veteran’ Battle for Equality through Reconstruction, Jim Crow and the Lost Cause, Dr. Goldman delves into how Union veterans’ obligation to their country did not end when they returned home. It had only just begun.

Using primary sources and firsthand accounts, the book explores the role of military soldiers after returning to civilian life and the fight against racism.

Dr. Goldman examines the contentious post-Civil War period and the role of former soldiers in effectuating social change.

He examines the commitment of both white and African American veterans to completing the “unfinished” business” of the War as President Abraham Lincoln termed it.

He looks at the contentious post-Civil War period from the perspective of former Union soldiers who survived the war to carry on the fight for equality in decades to come.

Dr. Goldman, as a psychiatrist, has spent decades treating and working with combat veterans. This gives him a unique perspective that he shares with us in his book.

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