Nelsonville-York Buckeyes Start Season With Win Against Federal Hocking Lancers

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The Federal Hocking Lancers marched into Tuesday’s game looking for their first win, but Nelsonville-York looked to start their 2016-17 season off on a high note.

Right off the bat, the Lancers were met by the Buckeye’s full-court press. Twenty-two turnovers later, the Lancers stayed winless falling to Nelsonville-York, 71-16.

The Buckeye’s full court press forced a lot of unneeded turnovers for the Lancers. The boys were frantic, and by picking up their dribble, they limited their opportunities to break the press. The Lancers tried to pass over the press but due to their lack of height, their passes were picked off.

The Lancers’ height was a liability in the paint, allowing the Buckeyes to score the majority of their points down low.  Hunter Edwards led the Buckeyes in points with 25, while Aron Davis had 17 points. Each of them contributed seven rebounds.

Federal Hocking head coach Josh Vernon was not happy with the lack of fundamentals the team has shown so far this season.

“We have to start from the beginning,” Vernon said. “We are not strong with the ball. We make bad passes.” Vernon knows that his team will be outsized all season and he thinks right now the team is not showing the effort to combat the lack of size.

One of the biggest problems for the Lancers Monday were rebounds. The Buckeyes out-rebounded the Lancers 28 to 17. Aron Davis led the Buckeyes with 6 offensive rebounds.  The Lancers struggled with offensive rebounds, only getting two the whole game.

The Lancers will need to come together as a team and start playing with some chemistry while the Buckeyes are on a high from winning their first game of the season.

The Lancers will look to get their first win Tuesday, December 6th, at Southern. The Buckeyes will look for their second win at Vinton County on December 9th.