‘Singing Like Painting Words In the Air’: Talking With Adam Torres

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In September, former Athens resident and Ohio University student Adam Torres released Pearls to Swine, his critically acclaimed Fat Possum Records debut. This occurred some 10 years after the recording of his debut album, Nostra Nova, (which was christened a “cult classic” after it’s re-release on Misra Records in 2015) with a slew of Athens-centric musicians at 3 Elliott Studio.

Saturday, Torres played solo at an intimate backstage show at Stuart’s Opera House, to an audience he described as largely being made up of his “family and friends.” Amid reminiscing about living on Grosvenor Street and telling tales of touring with his band, Torres spun a tangible spell over the audience; pulling from his latest release as well as presenting a few aged favorites.

The next day he spoke with WOUB’s Wendy McVicker about poetry, the art of songwriting, creative writing and so much more.