Trump Pick Ousts Chairman of Ohio GOP, Party Picks First Chairwoman

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Update 1 p.m.

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to head the Ohio Republican Party has taken control of the helm after the sitting chairman withdrew his name from consideration.

Matt Borges’ decision to stand down came Friday after two rounds of voting ended in gridlock. Challenger Jane Timken, of Canton, criticized Borges for failing to “fully support” Trump after he became the nominee. Borges was named chairman emeritus.

Borges believed Thursday he had the votes to win, before Trump personally intervened.

Committeeman Pat Flanagan fought back tears as he said the party “loves Matt” and would do anything to support him in the future.

Gov. John Kasich, who didn’t support Trump, supported Borges as chairman and many of his strongest supporters are on the committee.

Timken is the Ohio GOP’s first chairwoman.

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio (AP) – Republicans say President-elect Donald Trump has personally intervened on behalf of his favored candidate in an election for state party chair in Ohio.

The Ohio Republican Party’s 66-member central committee gathered Friday to choose between sitting chairman Matt Borges and challenger Jane Timken. Timken was a supporter and major fundraiser for Trump.

Borges said Thursday that he had pledges from more than half the committee members. That was before Trump began personally working the phones.

Timken has challenged Borges on grounds that he failed to “fully support” Trump after the New York billionaire won the party’s nomination, which was his obligation as chairman.

Gov. John Kasich, who didn’t support Trump, also called delegates. He supports Borges as chair and many of his strongest supporters are on the committee.