Eastern Squeaks Through Belpre on Final Home Game

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Laura Pullins finished her final home game with a happy ending, coming up with an intense win against the Belpre Lady Golden Eagles, 39-37. She had the first points of the game, finishing with six points. But Belpre was ready for a fight. It was a crazy night all the way through, both teams showing tremendous effort, neither one releasing any of the pressure.

The Lady Eagles started out strong, but started to fall short once the second half started, finishing the half leading 22-17. Belpre had high expectations, and played to the standards of a number one team. They wouldn’t let Eastern breathe, pressuring them from behind the half-court line. Eastern coach Jacob Parker was not happy with the way his girls started out, having false hope of their preparedness.

“Tonight we were flat, weren’t mentally focused, and it was a close game,” said Coach Parker.

Belpre put up a much better fight than the last time they played Eastern. Back on Dec. 22, Belpre got ran over by the Lady Eagles, falling 61-41. The Lady Golden Eagles weren’t going to get embarrassed twice.

At the second half, Eastern got it in its head that this is a whole new team. But it wasn’t enough, the Lady Golden Eagles caught up from behind 29-27. Belpre improved tremendously since their last meeting, and Eastern pushed up its sleeves and were ready to get dirty.

Elizabeth Collins was adding layups having eight points, and Alyson Bailey put major pressure on Belpre’s leading scorer, Cheyenne Barker. A few scuffles after plays between these two girls happened, but that’s expected from two top five teams with great history.

Eastern was working hard, but Belpre was right there with them to the final seconds. Both teams came ready for a battle, and a battle there was. Eastern held the lead most of the game, but it was not consistent. Belpre would jump up with a lead, but it never lasted long.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Belpre snuck up and snatched the lead, 30-29. Parents and fans were going insane after every play, during every free throw, and every foul. Belpre fell just short of stealing second place in the standings from the mighty Lady Eagles. Elizabeth Collins drained two free throws that proved to be the end of Belpre’s efforts. Belpre may be golden, but after tonight, they will have to stick with the bronze.

Eastern Lady Eagles travel to Trimble for their final regular season game on Thursday. Belpre heads back home to face the defending champion Waterford Lady Wildcats on Monday.