Eastern Falls to Miller on Senior Night

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Miller High School’s Seattle Compston spoiled senior night for the Eastern Boys Eagles team, putting up 25 points overall, leading the Falcons to a 64-54 victory over Eastern.

It was all happiness at the beginning, but once the game got started and Miller took the lead, Eagle fans were silenced and left to hoping for a comeback victory. Which in the end, never came true. Yet another tough loss for the Eagles.

While Miller looked like they were going to pull away in the beginning, Eastern was able to reel them back in and trim Miller’s lead to only one point. Strong defense from Jeremiah Martindale, who made himself known under the basket by grabbing big rebounds and forcing key turnovers was a huge reason the Eagles were still in the game at the end of the first half.

Things got real as both Eastern and Miller were getting very physical, drawing many fouls. Players got into scuffles, leading to constant free throw attempts. Sharp Facemyer made seven of eight free throws for the Eagles, and Compston was spot on until the end, making eight of nine shots.

As the second half started, the Eagles continued to keep the game competitive, taking the lead a few times, but only for a few seconds.

The final 30 seconds of the game seemed to last a lifetime. Eastern fouled Compston three times, stretching the game out roughly five extra minutes. And Compston was able to take advantage of almost every free throw, making all but one.

Eastern’s defense was exceptional, until the second half started. It was as if they switched gears and became an offense only team, putting up 31 points in the latter, while giving up 32. Kaleb Hill came up with 13 rebounds, seven offensive.

Star player Jett Facemyer, of the Eagles had a difficult night, barely making his shots, going 5-22, which was a huge factor in their loss tonight.

The Eastern boys will travel to Southern High School to take on the Tornadoes Friday.