Kasich Cleared to Give State of the State Speech in Sandusky

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Ohio lawmakers have signed off on the governor’s plan to deliver his annual State of the State speech in Sandusky.

Republican Gov. John Kasich is scheduled to give the address the evening of April 4 at the Sandusky State Theatre, about 120 miles north of Columbus.

The proposal required legislative approval. The Republican-dominated House and Senate voted to approve it Wednesday.

The assessment of Ohio’s status is traditionally delivered to a joint legislative session before lawmakers, Supreme Court justices, Cabinet officials and statewide officeholders.

In 2012, Kasich moved it outside Columbus for the first time in state history with a speech in Steubenville. He has delivered the address away from the Ohio Statehouse ever since, making the speeches in Lima, Medina, Wilmington and Marietta.