Inauguration of the United Meditation Room.

New ‘United Meditation Room’ at OU

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Ohio University students now have a new place to find some peace and quiet.

The International Student Union (ISU) and OU faculty opened the new “United Meditation Room” on the fifth floor of Alden Library this afternoon.

Attendees have to take off their shoes in the meditation room because believers of some religions do that before they pray.

The purpose of the room is to provide an inviting place for people of all backgrounds to meditate, pray or relax, according to the Organizers.

Organizers also say the room will help to build bridges between people from different ideologies who might not interact often.

ISU President Hashim Pashtun says the room is consciously designed so that everyone feels welcomed.

ISU president Hashim Pashtun opening the United Meditation Room. (Second from right).

“It’s more neutral and welcoming. You can see there is no door. The colors are neutral and the carpet is neutral. We tried to avoid any symbol, any color or specific that can associate to any specific religion or faith which can kind of discourage other people,” Pashtun said.

Pashtun highlights that the United Meditation Room is not meant as a political statement.

“It is a social statement. A statement of diversity and inclusion. As the title suggests, it’s a United Meditation Room,” Pashtun said.