Democrat Betty Sutton Asks AG to Probe Prevailing Wage Story

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Democrat Betty Sutton is calling for an investigation into the facts behind an anecdote that an Ohio state lawmaker told in justifying an effort to relax Ohio’s prevailing wage law.

In a letter Monday, the ex-congresswoman and gubernatorial candidate told Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine, a likely 2018 rival, that a story shared by state Sen. Matt Huffman in February could constitute illegal and corrupt misuse of tax dollars.

Huffman, a Lima Republican, told reporters that a mayor in his district had “a buddy” construct a building so the village could circumvent paying prevailing wage and buy the structure at a lesser price.

Questioned by reporters at the time, Huffman denied knowing the mayor’s identity and said he hadn’t thought to report the incident. Sutton said it deserves review.