DACO to Showcase ‘Three Voices: Conversations on Life and Conflict’

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Through August 13, the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio (DACO), 145 E. Main St., Lancaster, will examine the importance of expression by way of hosting Three Voices: Conversations on Life and Conflict – an exhibition that showcases the work of three accomplished, Ohioan, and female artists. Judith Brandon is a watercolorist based out of Cleveland; Leslie Shiels is an oil painter who lives in Cincinnati; and Carol Snyder is a Columbus-based sculptor.

A snapshot of DACO's "Three Voices" exhibition. (WOUB/Margaret Sabec)
A snapshot of DACO’s “Three Voices” exhibition. (WOUB/Margaret Sabec)

Displayed last year by the Canton Museum of Art, the show deftly creates a multi-layered conversation on the essence of voice, all whilst inviting the audience to take part in the dialogue.

“I always try to push the medium,” said artist Carol Snyder in an interview a number of weeks before the show’s unveiling in Lancaster. “All of my pieces that will be a part of the show are newer – at least to me – and they do a good job of representing what I am trying to do right now with the medium.”

(WOUB/Margaret Sabec)
(WOUB/Margaret Sabec)

Snyder’s medium is porcelain, and her works are starkly beautiful. They play with notions of space and shape, of translucency and form. When Snyder began her career, she did so by studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design; moving to Ohio from the Washington, D.C. area. Initially Snyder was pursuing a degree focused on her ability and love of drawing, although that shifted when she became acquainted with pottery.

“I have talked to many other artists who started out working in two dimensional mediums and then moved to three-dimensional mediums, and when you’re coming from a background of primarily two dimensional or three-dimensional works, it’s like a brand-new world,” said Snyder. “All my works still start out as drawings and sketches, and right now I am working on trying to make my pieces more organic, which I think is happening.”

July 8-9 DACO will present a weekend of programming in conjunction with the exhibition, featuring art historian and sculptor Carol Boram-Hayes, Ph. D. For more information on the programming, visit DACO’s website.

(WOUB/Margaret Sabec)
(WOUB/Margaret Sabec)