🔈 #457SEO: Community Hooks For The ‘Net

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Having internet access is one thing, having consistent internet access that allows you to telecommute or your child to download homework is something totally different. But those differences don’t mean much to the millions in the Ohio Valley’s unserved and underconnected communities. Whether it be the terrain, the distance between homes, the lack of funds, etc., diagnosing the problem is easy – implementing a productive solution… not so much.

On this episode of #457SEO Liz Shaw of the Citizens Connectivity Council explains how you can “cast your hook” and help shape actual broadband solutions that could help you and your neighbors thrive throughout the #457SEO.
And to paraphrase Mrs. Shaw: If you plan to catch fish with your fishing pole but never put your hook in the water, well… 👀

connectivity summit Workshops and Town Hall with the head of the Federal Communications Commission
Register here
Call for more info: 740.508.1723

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