Philo Cracks Crooksville Ceramics for First Win

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Philo shut down the Crooksville Ceramics early in the game for a 42-20 Electrics win.

The Ceramics struggled on offense having only successfully converting one first down with a minute left in the first half. Despite the rain, the Electrics did not slip up and it took them no time to get the ball rolling. With just three minutes into the game, Cole Smith rushed the ball for 18 yards, perfectly setting up Isaac Gill to run into the end-zone for the first touchdown of the night.

Isaac Gill scored three of six touchdowns, as quarterback, for the Philo Electrics. Last year, Gill had played wide receiver and defensive back and this was only his second game playing quarterback. He adapted to the position well, using his speed and dodging around players to rack up 121 rushing yards. Gill’s partner in crime for the night was Cole Smith. The two worked well together, Gill always found Smith’s hands. The duo had a 28-yard touchdown pass, Gill to Smith, for the third touchdown of the game. Smith had another rushing touchdown for the night as well.

However, a football team is not complete without a strong defense. The offense was racking up the points, and the defense were shutting out the Ceramics. They were quick to pounce on any of the Ceramics attempts to gain yards and sacked Crooksville’s quarterback multiple times within the first half.

The momentum continued for the Electrics when Peyton Strawsburg sprinted towards Crooksville’s punter, Chip Russell, and blocked the punt off which Nick Hoffer capitalized. The football rolled into the end zone, and Hoffer, in a close foot race against another Crooksville player, snatched the ball on the ground for a 3-yard punt return with 1 minute and 45 seconds remaining in the first half.

In the first half it seemed it was clear that Philo would take home the win even after multiple penalties and recovering some slippery fumbles in the wet grass, especially after repeating their first half stunt and scoring again only minutes into the second half.

On average, Philo returned the ball around the 50-yard line, whereas Crooksville started around the 15-yard line. The Ceramics continually improved on their returns, but their longest return was still only 27 yards. Shortly after that 27-yard return, Crooksville got their second first-down of the game late into the third quarter. They quickly answered Hoffer’s touchdown, with what they had hoped would be their first touchdown of the night.

Caden Miller, dashed down the sidelines of the field, breaking ankles with three broken tackles, and was eventually tackled for a 62 rush just outside the end zone. But to the Ceramic’s disappointment, the play got taken back with a holding penalty. However, the Ceramics refused to be shutout and although their attempt to comeback did not come at the end of the first quarter, it did come late in the third quarter.

The first to put points on the board for the Ceramics was Gavan Rodgers with a 2-yard rush into the end-zone. In the fourth quarter, the roles were reversed and the Ceramics held the Electrics off, and making it time for Crooksville to make the Philo fans doubt the security of their lead. Landon Hinkle ran in for a 4-yard rushing touchdown, and Colt White had a 5-yard rushing touchdown, but it just was not enough. Philo secured the win at 42-20.

Both teams currently have records of 1-1. Next week, Philo will play West Muskingum at West Muskingum and Crooksville will play Maysville at home.