Honey for the Heart Halloween Parade

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Honey for the Heart, an art organization in the Athens area is coming together again this year for its annual Halloween parade.  Honey for the heart makes giant puppets for various events around Ohio, returning to Athens for Halloween annually.

The theme for this year’s parade is “things with wings”.  The puppets will be paraded around Athens, starting on Court Street and finishing on N Carpenter Street, in front of Central Venue where most of the puppet parts are currently.  Artists, along with anyone who wants to join will be at Central Venue all week from 10 am to 6 pm.  Last week the event took place in Trisolini Gallery in Baker Center.


Trisolini Gallery

Following the parade will be a ball inside Central Venue.  Usually a church, Central Venue is currently filled up with art, and pieces of these massive puppets are seen all around.  With artists working around the clock, the venue doesn’t even resemble a church anymore.

Central Venue

The ball will be held from 7 pm to 9 pm, starting right as the parade finishes.

Many of the Ohio University students working on the event are freshman. Honey for the Heart director Patty Mitchell actually teamed up with some of the OU art learning communities to find talent for this year’s parade.  

Rachel DiFransisco, a freshman art student, has already been putting in loads of work.

Every week we have two classes a day, for three hours.  And then we’re expected to come in other times to finish, and I come in usually two more times for about three hours each.”

DiFransisco is just one of many students helping out with the project, even if in her case it is required for class.

Be sure to catch the Honey for the Heart parade and ball, October 28th.