December 1 Marks Second Annual Hometown Holiday Spectacular in Marietta

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Most everyone has memories of middle school and high school holiday band and choir performances tucked away somewhere in their spongy cerebral cortex. The black pants that don’t quite fit right, the attempts to wear a properly tied tie, the painstakingly practiced holiday numbers, and, more than anything, a distinct feeling of community with the other people gathered to watch their children or loved ones perform.

Friday, December 1 will mark the second annual Hometown Holiday Spectacular at the Peoples Bank Theatre in Marietta, which brings in various community and school bands to perform their holiday concert repertoire in the beautiful setting of the historic theater. The show kicks off at 8 p.m., and tickets are available now.

Elizabeth Thacker, the choir director at Marietta City Schools, said that her involvement in the event stems back to the inaugural concert last year, which she was simply asked to be a part of. The first organizer had difficulty finding musical acts to commit to the performance, so when Thacker found out that the concert was on the chopping black, she stepped in to organize it.

“I really wanted the kids to be able to perform in the theater, so I made a few phone calls, and sent a few emails and got quite a few groups to commit to the performance,” said Thacker. “Holiday concerts are something that are done across the nation in December, and they make sense. From a school perspective, by December you’ve been in class long enough to get a few really good numbers under your belt. And music, being the thing that ties all human together regardless of their culture, really gets to the center of the meaning of the holiday season.”

The event also ties in with the City of Marietta’s First Friday celebration, which features caroling in the streets and elongated hours for many businesses.

The groups taking part in the performance are Stacey’s Dance Studio, PACE, High Schools that Rock, MHS Cantabile, MHS Vocal Point, MMS choirs, the Marietta Ukulele Choir, the MHS band ensemble, and the MHS Marquettes.