Athens’ Fearless Starlight Band Releases New EP in Time for New Year

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Athens’ own Fearless Starlight Band, led by Athens area lawyer Frank Lavelle, has just released an EP with seven new tunes. The “critics” have declared these to be the best so far!
The seven songs are designed to be listened to, in order. But if you were only to listen to two of them, try “Carpe Diem” which then flows into and is followed by “Big.” “Carpe Diem” starts slow, really speeds up, then slows down again to a 21st Century version of Beach Boys type-harmonies at the end, to bring it in for a landing.
There’s great saxophone work on number two, “When.”
 The seventh track, “The Switch,” has been compared to a Bob Dylan-type ballad song.
There will be more about this project coming out on social media, and on the band’s website in the next week or so.