Check out the official video for Crooked Spines' "Definite Maybe," the first single off of "Canyons," their first full-length, released August 2017. The video was filmed and edited by Max Look and features frontman Conor Stratton venturing through a variety of local spots, including O'Bettys, Family Dollar, Court Street Diner, Casa Nueva, and The Union Bar and Grill.

EXCLUSIVE: Crooked Spines’ Lonely, Aching Video for ‘Definite Maybe’

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WOUB Public Media has been treated with the very special privilege of premiering The Crooked Spines‘ video for “Definite Maybe,” the the first single off their recently released “Canyons.” The video features glimpses of some of your favorite regional spots, all under a palatable veneer of melancholy. The song itself, a synth-laden meditation on the kind of loneliness one can only feel when companionship is an option, (be it a vaguely undesirable one,) fits oh so well with the video’s visual composites of frontman Conor Stratton making a trek seemingly driven by a sense of ennui through blacklit bowling alleys, shining diners, and grocery store deodorant aisles. 

“Canyons” is available now through the band’s bandcamp page. Digital downloads of the album are $8, and a limited batch of 50 CD copies of the album are also available for purchase for $8.  

The Crooked Spines will be performing at The Union on Friday, February 9 headlining alongside openers Souther and Pretty As You Please. Their next release will be their “Valleys” EP, out March 9.