Audit Looks Further Into West Virginia Supreme Court Travel

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – An audit has looked further into West Virginia Supreme Court employees’ travel expenses.

The audit was released Sunday during legislative interim meetings in Charleston.

It found Justice Robin Davis reserved a court vehicle seven times where a destination was provided but no purpose was specified to substantiate the vehicle’s use.

The audit also found ex-court administrator Steve Canterbury had 20 instances of renting a car for personal use and was improperly reimbursed $911. In addition, he reserved a court vehicle six times without providing a purpose or destination.

The audit found during an IRS audit of the court’s 2015 federal employment tax returns, it did not provide information regarding Justice Menis Ketchum’s use of a court vehicle for commuting.

An earlier audit found Ketchum and Justice Allen Loughry ignored mandatory reporting guidelines for personal use of state-owned vehicles.