Landowners Fight Back Against Reducing Wind Setbacks

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A group that advocates for the rights of landowners is fighting back against a bill that would allow for more wind turbines to pop up. The bill addresses how far turbines can set back from property lines. But the wind energy industry says those setbacks must be reduced in order for more development. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.

Kevon Martis is with the Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition. His group says policymakers need to respect the rights of landowners who, for several reasons, don’t want to see large wind turbines from outside their homes.

Wind energy companies say the current setbacks are creating a tight squeeze and don’t allow for enough turbines to have a successful wind farm. But Martis is ok with that.

“Just because your business model requires you to try and squeeze a size 12 foot into a size 9 shoe doesn’t mean we should accommodate that,” he said.

Having a house next to a wind farm can make it feel like you’re living in an industrial zone, according to Martis.

Wind advocates argue that development is needed and that people are well-compensated if they agree to lease their land.