Judge Allows Subpoenas For Neo-Nazi Website Publisher’s Dad

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A federal magistrate is allowing attorneys to question a neo-Nazi website publisher’s father and accountant in connection with a lawsuit against the publisher.

SiriusXM Radio show host Dean Obeidallah says Andrew Anglin falsely labeled him as the “mastermind” behind a deadly bombing at a concert in England.

A libel lawsuit against Anglin, publisher of The Daily Stormer, had been filed a year ago by the Muslim-American radio host’s lawyers.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth A. Preston Deavers on Monday allowed those attorneys to question Anglin’s father, Greg Anglin, and accountant Jon Zappitelli. The order lets them issue subpoenas looking for information about the role an Ohio company, Moonbase Holdings, played in The Daily Stormer’s operations.

Messages have been left with Zappitelli and Andrew and Greg Anglin seeking comment.