The etheral official video for GG Magree's "Bodies," which was released earlier this year.

GG Magree to Appear at Ohio’s Breakaway Festival Aug. 24

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GG Magree is an Australian EDM artist, specializing in the sort of crystalline beats that get enormous festival crowds pumping. She’s performed with the likes of Die Antwood, Pharrell, T-Pain, Rita Ora, and many others, and she knows a thing or two about the innate power of amplified vibrations. She’s known for her high energy sets, as well as her eclectic personal style, which is epitomized by her merchandise line YEAH PUS*Y.

She’s performing at the Breakaway Festival in Columbus on Friday, August 24, and these are a couple of the questions that WOUB’s Emily Votaw posed the electronic superstar.

GG Magree. (Submitted)

WOUB: What’s your first musical memory?

GG: I was 15 and my step dad bought me my first acoustic guitar. I couldn’t put it down. After that I took lessons two times a week! I was determined at that time to become the next Jack Johnson

WOUB: What can you tell me about the video for “Bodies?”

GG: The “Bodies” video was inspired a super lucid dream I once had. It’s a story about waking up in another world and you have no idea why, or where you are but you trust that your there for a self reflection/awareness moment. You feel free.

WOUB: Has playing large festivals impacted the creative decisions you make while making your music?

GG: Most definitely! I get so inspiration from other artists and also from fans. I’m obsessed with pushing myself and trying to take my performances and music to new levels. To me there is nothing more inspiring then being on stage and connecting with the crowd. When I walk off I’m on such a high. I  come up with new ideas and want to get into studio ASAP!