Chatting Vibraphones, Post Punk, St. Vincent With Us, Today’s Kristin Agee

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Us, Today are unlike just about anything else one is likely to hear within the context of the Cincinnati, OH music scene in 2o18. One part skillfully executed post-punk, one part idyllic progressive rock, and one part avant-garde jazz, the band sounds a little like a snotty punk rock kid who also happens to really know their musical history.

Earlier this year the group released Computant, their fourth full-length, and the record is a real treat to listen to. The band is made of a trio of Ohioans, Kristin Agee on the vibraphone, Jeff Mellot on drums, and guitarist Joel Griggs. One listen through the outfit’s most recent effort, and it’s clear that the group is highly aware of the refined roots of the music they’re making, all while taking that history and modernizing it, utilizing each instrument as not only a melodic one, but a delightfully percussive one, too.

Listen to WOUB’s Emily Votaw’s interview with Agee, embedded above.

On Friday, August 31 the band will perform at Casa Cantina, and return to Athens County on Friday, September 14 for a performance at the 2018 Ohio Paw Paw Festival.