Ohio Police Department Makes Wily Request About Coyotes

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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio police department outside Cleveland has a request for residents after a string of recent coyote sightings.

The North Royalton Police Department says residents shouldn’t call 911 about coyotes unless they see any of the following:

– Coyotes carrying any product marked “ACME”.

– Coyotes dropping anvils from hot air balloons.

– Coyote posting signs such as “Detour” or “Free Bird Seed”.

– Coyote in possession of a giant magnet.

– Coyote in possession of a catapult.

– Coyote detonating “TNT”.

– Coyote on roller skates with rockets attached.

In the Road Runner cartoon, Wile E. Coyote is the Road Runner’s hapless nemesis.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says coyotes are typically nocturnal, but do make appearances during the day.