Lady B’s – A Deep-Fried Splash on Court Street

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ATHENS, Ohio – A new restaurant? The same owners, the same location, almost the same menu.

When OMG on Court St. closed its doors, it reopened on October 16th as Lady B’s, a new name and pretty much the same food, but with one big difference: the chicken was no longer grilled, it’s now fried.

The new approach has seen a huge jump in popularity since that simple switch, and has become a nighttime favorite for many.

“There is almost always a line out the door, especially during late-night hours,” manager Dante Cole said.

Cole said the switch was made in large part due to online reviews in which customers said they would love to have the chicken fried. A simple change that has become a big hit on the Athens food scene.

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Lady B’s picked an ideal time to open, right before Homecoming Weekend at Ohio University. On opening night, they sold out of chicken by 10:48 p.m.

Halloween came just a week later and lines were out-the-door once again. Lady B’s is preparing for continued success.

“These [employees] just have to keep doing a great job, because I haven’t heard any bad reviews,” Cole said.

The customers often compare the food to Raising Cane’s chicken, which area customers have been known to drive long distances for.

“I’ve been here four years and we’ve never really had a great chicken place on Court Street,” Ohio University senior Austin Magers said, “It’s like Cane’s-lite almost.”