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Unoffical Election Results for Meigs County

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These are the unofficial election results for Meigs County.

For Alexander Local School District Tax Levy failed with 290 votes against, as opposed to 254 votes for.

In the Meigs County Court judge race, Michael L. Barr was elected judge with 4,943 votes. His opponent Trenton J. Cleland received 2,192 votes.

Residents voted down plans for electrical aggregation 4,831 to 2,229.

The Village Of Middleport Police Protection Levy was voted down 309 to 269.

Voters in the Village of Pomeroy also voted down electrical aggregation 252 to 139. The police protection levy in the village also failed with 237 votes against the levy compared to 187 votes in favor of the levy. Voters did approve the Fire Protection levy 243 to 178.

The Village of Rutland’s general operating expense levy failed 90 to 77.

Beford- Township- Fire Protection and Other Emergency Services Levy passed 328 to 160.

Lebanon- Township- Fire Protection Levy also passed 154 to 122.

Voters passed the Letart-Township- Fire Protection Levy 179 to 56.

Orange-Township Road Maintenance Levy failed by just two votes, 215 to 213.

Rutland Township-Fire Protection Levy passed 520 to 240.

Salem- Township- Fire Protection Levy passed 200 to 111.

Sutton- Township- Fire Protection Expenses levy also passed 716 to 479.

Southern local Schools Current Expenses Levy passed 900 to 788.