Planned Parenthood Ad On Marquee at Columbus bank. (Jo Ingles | Statehouse News Bureau)

Bill Would Completely Ban Abortions In Ohio

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There’s been a lot of attention given to a contentious bill that bans abortion at the point which a fetal heartbeat can be detected since the House passed it earlier this week. But there’s another abortion bill that goes even further that is also getting at least one hearing during this lame duck session.

Jaime Miracle with NARAL Pro Choice Ohio says the bill would punish both women and doctors.

“This could criminalize women who have miscarriages that might seem suspicious to somebody or could criminalize in-vitro fertilization procedures that might end up with an embryo,” Miracle says.

This is not one of the bills Ohio Right to Life has targeted for passage but its president, Mike Gonidakis, is hoping for some legislation to go before the U.S. Supreme Court soon.

“We need to continue to pass legislation in an incremental approach which is what Ohio Right to Life does,” Gonidakis says.

While this bill is being heard in the legislature right now, it is not likely to pass this year.