Justice Family Companies Agree To Settlement With Regulators

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – Five of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice’s family companies have paid their bills after agreeing to a discounted settlement over payment of coal transportation fees.

Justice’s companies paid $175,282 to the West Virginia Public Service Commission. According to PSC documents, that amount was about $32,800 less than they were originally charged.

The companies are Bluestone Industries Inc., Chestnut Land Holdings, Kentucky Fuel Corp., Nufac Mining Co. Inc. and Orchard Coal Co.

The companies entered into the joint stipulation and settlement agreement in October. They paid the fees in four installments, the last of which was due Thursday.

The settlement includes “tonnage fees,” which would otherwise help repair roads that are heavily trafficked by coal trucks, and administrative sanctions that stemmed from failing to report, or inaccurately reporting, coal shipments.