Kentucky Governor Feuds With Media Ahead Of Investigation

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is feuding on social media with ProPublica after the independent media nonprofit announced an investigative project with the Courier Journal.

The Louisville newspaper reports the Republican governor posted a series of tweets and a video attacking both news organizations as biased. Bevin questioned who holds the paper accountable, and said ProPublica is supported by “George, I hate America, Soros,” a billionaire who supports the Democratic Party.

ProPublica editors defended themselves and the partnership in their own tweets, saying Soros has provided less than 2 percent of ProPublica funding. Editor-in-chief Stephen Engelberg questioned Bevin’s reaction to their announcement, saying that if it “stirs up this kind of hysteria, what is Gov. Matt Bevin going to do when we publish our first story?”