Top Tunes ’18: Angela Perley

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Wow! 2018 has come and gone, and it’s about time we reflect on our favorite sounds of the past year. Leading up through the end of the year, WOUB Culture will be spotlighting what various music-centric people throughout the region have been enjoying the most for the past 12 months.

Angela Perley (Submitted)

Angela Perley is a songwriter, OU graduate, and overall cat-enthusiast. Since 2010, she has released five EPs and two full length albums with her Columbus-based band, Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons, and has performed and toured extensively across the U.S. She is currently working on her third studio album, which is due out sometime early 2019.


1. Putting on Airs by Erin Rae

Fell in love with this album. Erin’s lyrics are incredible and the arrangements and production on this record are lush, organic and powerfully moving. Favs include “Can’t Cut Loose,” “June Bug,” and “The Real Thing.”


2. Ancient Noise by Patrick Sweany

This album was in constant spin in the van this year. Love Patrick’s songwriting and sound and this album has a great raw feel to it- so classic. Favs include “Up and Down,” “Old Time Ways” and “Play Around.”


3. To The Sunset by Amanda Shires

Love how unique and poetic Amanda’s songwriting is and the sense of humor woven into her lyrics. This is such a beautiful album! Favs include “Eve’s Daughter,” “Swimmer,” and “Break out the Champagne.”


4. Beach Deep by Champagne Superchillin’

Speaking of breaking out the champagne, I enjoy breaking out this album when I’m getting ready for shows or driving around. I also feel like this is the perfect summer backdrop music. Instantly pumps me up, although I have no clue what the lead singer is singing, because almost everything’s in french. Basically a modern version of Francoise Hardy with a psychedelic edge. This record makes me dance.


5. Warm by Jeff Tweedy

I know this is a recent release, but I’ve been listening to it non-stop and feel an instant connection to it. Current favs include “Some Birds” “Don’t Forget,” and “I Know What It’s Like.”


6. Tree of Forgiveness by John Prine

Every time John Prine releases an album it’s on heavy rotation on my record player. This album is beyond special and probably is one of the most moving albums of the year for me. I’ve cried many times to this album. Favs include “Knockin’ on Your Screen Door,” “Lonesome Friends of Science,” and “No Ordinary Blue.”


7. Shake the Spirit by Elle King

Another later-in-the-year release that I love. I dig the more rock and roll direction of this album and Elle King shines on this. This record has a lot of bite to it, is super catchy and soulful. Favs are “Baby Outlaw,” “Good Thing Gone,” and “Runaway.”


8. Good Thing by Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is one smooth operator. I love how much of a surprise and change this record was from his last. I think it says a lot about how strong and unique he is as a artist and can’t wait to see what’s next for him. Favs are “Bad Bad News,” “Beyond,” and “Georgia to Texas.”


9. Foolish Hearts by White Buffalo Woman

This is another record I had on repeat a lot this year getting ready for shows and driving around. Great young band out of Ohio. Love their energy and throwback vibe- really fun record. Favs are “Honeylove,” “Electric Eyes,” and Do you Ever Think of Me.”


10. Better Than Gold by Erica Blinn

I’ve been friends with Erica for a while and love her new album and the direction she has been going in with her music. This album is catchy, rootsy & rocking. Favs are “Loving You,” “Big Chief and the Medicine Man,” and “A Little Rain.”


11. Karma for Cheap by Aaron Lee Tasjan

Diggin’ this whole psychedelic rock vibe going on in the Americana music scene right now, and feel like Aaron’s record really captures it well. Favs are “The Truth is So Hard to Believe,” “Heart Slows Down,” and “Set You Free.”


12. Sourwood by Adam Remnant

I was super late to listening to this album (first listen was this month) and I’ve listened it to now like once a day. So heartfelt and reflective, this might be my favorite release yet I’ve heard from Remnant. Songs I’m lovin’ so far are “She Has a Way of Finding Me Out,” “Somewhere Else Tonight,” “Carpenter’s Daughter” and “Ohio.”


12. ATW by All Them Witches

Love this new album so much! Really different and even has some bluesy undertones in there. Think modern day Jim Morrison with a witchy rock-and-roll-desert-stoner band. My go-to for late night heavy jams/feels. Favs are “Fishbelly 86 Onions,” “Half-Tongue,” and “Diamond.”


13. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by Handsome Jack

Got turned on to these guys through an All Them Witches show in Austin this fall. They were the opening band, and unfort. I didn’t get into the show until after their set, so didn’t get to see them play, but later that week I checked out their album and fell in love with it. Classic rock and roll album with gritty basement tape vibes and great songs. Favs so far are “City Girls” “Baby Be Cool,” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”


14. Songs of the Plains by Colter Wall

Love this new Colter Wall record. Feels like you’re listening to unreleased field recordings from Alan Lomax’s collection and I love Colter’s selection of traditional/cover tunes mixed in with his timeless originals. The production is so clear and pure. “Wild Dogs” (Billy Don Burns cover) is EPIC and I also love “Thinkin’ on a Woman.”