‘Last Chance’ Notices Going to Thousands of Inactive Voters in Ohio

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Ohio’s elections chief says more than 275,000 inactive voters in the state are about to get their final opportunity to keep from dropping off the rolls.

Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted said Wednesday that’s the total number of so-called “last chance mailings” going out from county election boards as part of Ohio’s process for keeping its list of eligible voters up-to-date.

Civil rights groups unsuccessfully challenged Ohio’s stringent maintenance procedures as a voter “purge.” The U.S. Supreme Court rejected their arguments in June, finding Ohio hadn’t violated a federal law intended to increase the ranks of registered voters.

Husted’s spokesman said last chance mailings are intended as a reminder to inactive voters. Those responding properly will remain registered. He says those who drop off can re-register online .