DeWine Warns Of Impending Crisis With Construction Fund Shortage

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The state doesn’t have any money for new road construction projects, and funding is falling short to make repairs to existing infrastructure. Gov. Mike DeWine says this is an impending crisis. And it’s looking more and more likely that the state will seek an gas tax increase to fill the hole.

DeWine says it’s important to be honest and candid with Ohioans about ODOT’s financial situation as they consider an increase to the gas tax.

He notes the revenue that came in from Ohio Turnpike bonds issued under Gov. John Kasich for new projects was temporary.

“This bond money has masked that and has been able to keep us on fairly level keel. Well, what happens when this bond money is no longer there is, we’re just gonna drop into this deep, deep, deep cliff,” says DeWine.

No official proposal has been made yet.

A one-cent increase to the current gas tax of 28 cents a gallon would equal about $67 million in extra revenue a year.