New Additions to Athens’ Healthy Lifestyle

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Odyssey Nutrition menu board

The Athens community has a number of healthy options for lifestyle and fitness. One popular business in Athens, Odyssey Nutrition, has moved from East State Street to West Union Street giving the business more room for customers as well as other benefits.

“The foot traffic, obviously,” Stephan Adams, owner of Odyssey Nutrition said. “We already have a good customer base and customer flow that comes to us and we’re doing really well there. We just thought it would be better to not only become more convenient for our current customers but to also appeal to the newest person who maybe hasn’t heard about us.”

From shakes, to smoothies, Adams said his goal is to be a part of a better, healthier community.

Athens addition of a Planet Fitness on East State Street is the third fitness center to call Athens home.

Planet Fitness on East State St. in Athens

“There’s going to be people that love the community center, I can’t play basketball at Planet Fitness,” Adams said. “They’ll appeal to different demographics. When Ping is closed there’s always another gym to go to now. I think everyone will do well together.”

Residents of Athens using the new fitness center have expressed their excitement for the new addition.

“Everything in Athens is mostly owned by the University and this isn’t. It’s a nice change in the town environment,” one Planet Fitness member said.

Other places like the Athens Farmer’s Market also offer healthier options for Athens residents. The progress of healthier lifestyles shows, too.

“We have seen an increase in the trend of fitness, of skin and hair care, weight management, and nutrition,” Adams said. “Athens is no different, the growth of more people being concerned with the positives of body image concerns. People are focusing on taking better care of their health. Everyone just wants to feel better.”

Planet Fitness is already filled with people who want to exercise more. One member said she was overjoyed to have another option for exercise just minutes away.

“There used to be a Planet Fitness in my old town. I enjoyed the accepting atmosphere and I’m so glad they brought it to Athens. It’s a perfect fit for this community, Athens is expanding and this gym was a great idea,” she said.

Planet Fitness in Athens