Overhaul of Ohio School Funding Proposed

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Lawmakers leading a workgroup to recommend an overhaul of Ohio’s school-funding formula are ready to unveil the details.

Republican Rep. Bob Cupp, of Lima (LY’-muh), and Democratic Rep. John Patterson, a former teacher from Jefferson, will share their proposals Monday — almost exactly 22 years after the Ohio Supreme Court declared the funding system unconstitutional following a landmark lawsuit , DeRolph v. State.

Justices didn’t specify then how much money was needed to adequately fund schools. State officials and lawmakers are still sorting that out after adjusting the funding over the years.

The current system uses a mix of federal funding, local sources such as taxes, and state disbursements that vary depending on enrollment and property values. Advocates say fairer funding could help address an achievement gap that correlates to poverty.