Lawmaker Sponsors Bill To Keep Ohio On Daylight Saving Time Permanently

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A state lawmaker wants this to be the last year Ohioans spring forward and fall back. The plan would be to go to Daylight Saving Time year-round.

Sen. Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) said right after the time change on March 10, she asked her Facebook friends if Ohio should stop changing clocks twice a year.

“I have never had so many comments so fast on anything,” Roegner said, and she added the comments were overwhelmingly in favor of her proposal.

Roegner said she’s found a study that said the time change increased energy use, though the idea was instituted to save energy, and another showed losing the hour in the spring disrupts sleep and work.

Roegner said Ohio would still have to get federal permission, though President Trump has tweeted support for the idea.

“I think the more states that step up and say, hey, we want to protect our sunshine, I’m optimistic that these time change acrobatics will come to an end,” Roegner said.

Florida has passed a similar law.

Roegner’s Ohio Sunshine Protection Act gets its first hearing on Wednesday.