Trimble rallys before a game
Trimble rallys before the game

Trimble Takeaways from Preseason Scrimmage

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The Trimble Tomcats are set to have another deep playoff run this season behind the consistent talent in the backfield. On Monday, the Tomcats hosted Chesapeake in a friendly, preseason scrimmage to see how both would fair against different base offenses and defenses. 



Connor Wright (senior RB) is one of the best players in Gridiron Glory’s coverage with his ground-and-pound attack. Wright showed off his power and sturdy feet. Though, not a blazing fast running back, he’s an asset to treasure, as he wears defenders down all game. He’ll put his head down and run over you, pop back up, then break away for a big run the next play. Wright was arguably the strongest player on the field and he’s going to be exciting to watch during the season. 

After last season’s success and this year’s expectations, he very well could be a future Gridiron Glory Player of the Year candidate.

Cameron Kittle (senior QB,WR) showed off his athleticism and playmaking ability. Kittle is a smooth runner and if they throw him a screen or quick slant, he has the speed to turn it into something big. His movements aren’t choppy and stuttered; he gains yards through longer strides and then he’ll break down, stutter and break defenders’ ankles. Kittle really showed off his athleticism with a diving interception in the end zone to close off a Chesapeake drive. He has a shot of being Gridiron Glory Player of the Year, as well.

Sawyer Koons (senior LB) looks huge on defense. He’s the biggest player on the field and seeks out contact – which Trimble fans will love and the competition will hate. He played through an injury late in the season last year, which only shows how tough this kid is. He averaged 14 tackles per game last season, meaning offenses are going to be looking for No. 42 before every single play, making sure he’s guarded. Regardless, he’s proved how tough guarding him can be as he was voted the Division VII Player of the Year by the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association last season.

Ian Joyce (senior DE) showed off how the big boys up front can dominate a game. He seeks contact at the line, makes his way to the backfield and wants the tackle. A couple of times in the scrimmage he came off the edge and wrangled down the running back like it was nothing. He constantly blew up plays in the backfield and made Chesapeake hate going to his side.

He will be a fun player to watch this season and will have a huge impact on the defensive side of the ball if opposing teams decide to drop back and throw or run to his side.



Tabor Lackey (sophomore QB) is only a sophomore but he throws a beautiful deep ball. With the creativity that’s possible from the backfield, Lackey could receive quality minutes this season. He has a ton of potential and can learn a lot this season from a senior driven squad showing him how to get the job done and keep getting W’s for Glouster’s team.

Todd Fouts (junior RB, LB) is a speedy player that the defense and offense can utilize in a variety of ways. He can sneak through holes, avoid blockers and isn’t shy to put his head down and flip over the runner. He has great closing speed as well, so in the open field you can trust he’ll get the stop. On offense, he’s another option in the backfield to wear down defenses and give Wright or Kittle a break. He’s a workhorse.



Even after moving up to Division VI earlier this summer, the Tomcats are expecting a state championship ring and have the potential to do so. Their mostly returning, veteran-heavy team paired with the taste of blood from last season’s State Finals loss could pose a deadly threat to opposing teams. They’re the type of team that will run it down your throat and keep running, but if need be, they can and will pass with finesse. For Trimble fans, they should expect nothing but success.