The Brother Brothers II Gladden House Sessions 2019

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The Brother Brothers, Adam and David Moss, crafted heartfelt and sterling soundscapes at the Gladden House Saturday morning by wedding simple acoustic guitar and enchanting fiddle melodies and exquisite vocal harmonization techniques. By subtly weaving affectionate storytelling into their musical artistry, the two allowed a new generation of audience members to experience the beauty of ’60s folk scene sounds.

While growing up in Peoria, ILL, the brothers continuously listened to the folk records that their father enjoyed. After both receiving music degrees from the University of Illinois, the they set off on separate musical journeys only later to be reunited in Brooklyn, allowing the duo we know today to be formed.

The Brother Brothers began their performance with “Ocean’s Daughter” and “Frankie” from their latest album, Some People I Know (Compass Records), followed by their latest Single, “Siren Song” (Compass Records), and ending with “Notary Public” from their 2017 EP, Tugboats (Compass Records).