Speaking With Mike Elliott of Supernobody

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Most everybody is a Supernobody fan. (Except for Unmonumental bassist Brian Koscho and The D-Rays guitarist Erick Coleman, but we’ll get into that later.)

Supernobody is a roughly six-year-old local super group, responsible for six full-length albums chock full of endearing, melodic indie rock crafted by some of the most beloved musicians in Athens. The band is fronted by the amiable Mike Elliott, who has an discography of impressive size that spans over 30 years. Elliott excels at crafting clever, dynamic lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter — regardless of what that matter happens to be.

So far as Supernobody’s most recent release, You Can’t Go Back, the matter is chiefly the past, one that is irreversible by its nature — something one very literally ‘can’t go back’ to. Maybe the immutable past is a disheartening concept to some, and rightfully so, but the unchangeable past is also our only springboard into the future; as the adage goes: no use crying over spilt milk. Not that we really have a choice, as we all have a “big bad past,” as Elliott sings on the album’s the opening track, “Sheep.”

You Can’t Go Back was produced and engineered by Adam Remnant, another Athens music notable, in his basement recording studio over the course of the summer of 2018. You can hear the album in the YouTube playlist above, and you can purchase a copy on vinyl at

Elliott came into WOUB’s studio to discuss Supernobody’s longstanding and truly unfortunate beef with Brian Koscho of Unmonumental and Erick Coleman of The D-Rays, in the interview embedded above.