Kurt Taylor roles to his left
Warren quarterback Kurt Taylor roles out to his right and surveys the field for an open receiver. (Photo by Ethan Sands)

Meigs Loses to Warren in a Tale of Two Halves

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VINCENT, Ohio- Meigs came into their game Friday determined and ready. On the opening kickoff, Landon Acree brought it all the way back for a 90-yard touchdown to start the game off strong.

Meigs may have had the upper hand in the first half with the lead being bounced back and forth, but in the end it was the Warren Warriors who came out on top, 66-28.

Warren started things off with 6:42 left in the first quarter, when Kurt Taylor faked a hand off to Brayden Gerber only to dial up a pass to Brandon Simoniette. Wide open, Simoniette caught the pass in stride and took it down the sideline for a touchdown raising the score 6-7 Warriors.

The excitement did not stop there for Warren as Even Gandee intercepted a Meigs pass on their own 38 yard line. From there the Warriors were able to feed off the energy of the crowd as their linemen opened up space for Gerber to take a pass up the middle for another Warrior touchdown in the next play. Unfortunately for Warren, there was a flag for offensive holding and the touchdown did not count. The down was then repeated with less desirable results.

Meigs quarterback Coulter Cleland drops back in the pocket. (Photo by Ethan Sands)
Warren RB/CB John Shoup makes his way to the sideline after a play. (Photo by Ethan Sands)

Meigs was able to keep up some offensive energy well into the second quarter. With nine minutes left on the clock, Jake McElory kept the crowd in suspense before scoring a Marauder touchdown, running all the way across the gridiron before abruptly turning up field and into the end zone to raise the score 21-20 in favor of Meigs.

Although Meigs had a strong offense, it was not enough to overcome the Warren defense, as the Warriors continuously pushed the Marauder offensive line back in the second quarter. Meigs was unable to gain yardage and ended up often traveling backward.

Not only did Warren have a compelling defense, their offense proved formidable as well. The Warrior offense was able to gain the upper hand by giving Meigs’ linebackers a run for their money. Warren opened up spaces in the middle for Gerber to go to work and rack up yards.

Gerber, along with Simoniette, were key players in the Warren offense. The two of them worked well on Friday as both team players and individuals

Gerber and Simoniette were avid players in the game for Warren as both are quick on their feet and can get open allowing more plays to be completed. The Warriors’ teamwork and agility allowed them to overcome the Marauders.

Meigs will face off against Vinton County on their home turf on September 20 with kick-off starting at 7:30.