Ohio women’s soccer player Olivia Page dribbling a soccer ball in Ohio’s game against Robert Morris on Friday, September 13th, 2019. PHOTO: Alex Porter

Ohio Soccer: A bond on and off the field

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Forwards Abby Townsend and Alivia Milesky have been crucial to Ohio’s teriffic start to the season.

“I think it starts with off the field honestly throughout the whole first year we got a lot closer,” Abby Townsend said. “Through the spring we were seeing each other twice a day.”

“We’ve been able to build on and off the field, over the summer we were able to play together,” Alivia Milesky said. “We were able to show each other what we both have.”

The two didn’t just spend time together in Athens, this summer the duo played together in the WPSL.

“We just grew a lot, especially over the summer playing together for the Columbus Eagles.” Townsend said.

For the Bobcats it’s been Townsend’s speed that has been crucial to her success offensively.

“I think they are both very dynamic players and both want to attack,” Ohio head coach Aaron Rodgers said. “They play different roles in our system and they both want to go forward offensively. Abby has been blessed with a lot of speed.”

“She’s able to run fast and I know she’s always on the other side of it and I know that I can count on her to get all the balls that I hit over.” Milesky said.

When Townsend came to Athens as a freshman, Milesky was already an established upperclassmen leader. Now, the two start together up front.

“She was the starting forward at the time and playing with her my freshman season helped out a lot,” Townsend said. “I learned a lot from her, she’s always been a leader on the team and I always looked up to her.

The pair has already linked up for two game winning goals this season, don’t be surprised if that number grows during MAC play.