South Gallia quarterback Tristan Saber
South Gallia High Schools Tristan Saber (14) hands the ball off during a game between Trimble and South Gallia High School on Sept. 20, 2019, in Glouster, Ohio. (Charles Hatcher/ WOUB)

Week 5 Power Rankings: TVC-Hocking

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Power Rankings

9. Federal Hocking Lancers (1-4)

After a long winless streak, the Lancers picked up a win in week one against Hundred. Their chances of moving up in the rankings are dependent on how they finish in week 10 when they play the Falcons. Both teams lost to Wahama so far this year, but the Lancers put up 24 points, compared to zero last year against the White Falcons. Miller’s loss to Wahama signals an opportunity for the Lancers to beat Miller in week 10 and finish eight in the Hocking.

8. Miller LogoMiller Falcons (1-4)

The Falcons are off to a rough start this season and it will likely result in a eighth-place finish in the Hocking. Their loss against Wahama locked them in this spot, but there’s a chance that Miller could wind up in ninth if they’re not careful. Once again, week 10 will be the deciding factor. They play Federal Hocking, who have made significant improvements since last year.

7.Wahama Logo Wahama White Falcons (2-3)

The White Falcons have had a good start to their season with two wins under their belt. Last year there only win came from their match up against Federal Hocking with a final score of 50-22. This year they were able to defeat the Lancers again. More importantly, this year Wahama beat Miller 24-20, which is a big change from last season where they lost to Miller 40-0. It’s likely that the White Falcons only have one more shot at winning a game this season on October 18 when they play South Gallia.

6. South Gallia Rebels (1-4)

South Gallia’s only win so far is from their match up against Federal Hocking. Looking ahead on their schedule, they should pick up two or three more wins. The game that will determine their spot in the TVC-Hocking standings is their game against Wahama on October 18. Last year the Rebels beat the White Falcons 42-0.

5. Southern Tornadoes (4-1)

Southern’s only loss so far is against Belpre with a final score of 46-20. They play Waterford and Trimble in weeks eight and nine, which should put them with the same record as Eastern. Their TVC-Hocking ranking and potential bragging rights for next season come down to week 10 in their game against the Eagles. Though Southern only lost by one point last year, they’ll have a tougher fight since their star quarterback, Logan Drummer, graduated. For this reason, Eastern might have a shot at a bigger win this year.

4. Eastern Eagles (3-2)

The Eagles’ potential fourth-place finish is dependent on their performance in week 10. They have their biggest game of the year facing off against Southern. Last year the Eagles pulled off a one-point win. Their current record is worse than Southern, but Eastern’s two losses come from Trimble and Waterford – two teams that Southern has not played yet.

3. Waterford Wildcats (4-1)

Waterford’s only loss so far this season comes from their rival Fort Frye. However, this loss was a whopping 49-0 compared to Belpre’s loss of 34-12. Also, the Wildcats have not yet faced off against Trimble. For these reasons, they’re sitting behind Belpre in this week’s rankings. In order for Waterford to overtake the Golden Eagles in the standings, they’ll have to beat Belpre in week 10. Their roster includes guys like Zane Heiss, Cole Miller, Nick Fouss, and Joe Pantelidis, who will all really need to step up if they want to take down Belpre on November 1.

2. Belpre Golden Eagles (3-2)

Though Belpre is one win behind Waterford at this point, there’s a good chance they will finish up this season in second place. Their two losses come from Fort Frye in week one and Trimble in week two. They’re placed in second because the Golden Eagles had a stronger performance against Fort Frye than Waterford did. Though Belpre lost to the Cadets, they were able to put up two touchdowns thanks to the work of Connor Baker, Logan Adams, and Nick Godfrey. Their true test comes in week 10 when they play Waterford. The winner will be the runner-up in the Hocking.

1. Trimble Tomcats (5-0)

Trimble will likely be crowned the TVC-Hocking champions and have another successful playoff run. Their conference games continue to be predictable and they shut out Nelsonville-York in week one and all TVC-Hocking opponents since then. The most important regular season game for the Tomcats happened last week. They faced off against Workington Christian and only let up one touchdown. At Gridiron Glory Media Day some players stressed the importance of the Worthington Christian game because they believed their performance would give them a glimpse of how they could do in the playoffs this year. The Tomcats won 34-6. Conner Wright accounted for all five of the team’s touchdowns and had 37 carries for 255 yards.