Former WOUB Student Celebrates 40-Year Career

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Youngstown TV Anchor Stan Boney learned journalistic fundamentals at WOUB

ATHENS, OH – Youngstown, Ohio News Anchor Stan Boney, BSJ ’79, recently marked his 40th anniversary on the air in the northeast Ohio city. Over that time, he has served in news, weather and sports roles at the ABC and CBS affiliates, covering stories of local and national interest. The foundation of that career was built at WOUB Public Media.

Stan BOney anchoring WOUB's Newswatch
Boney anchoring WOUB’s Newswatch in 1979

“It’s where I got my start in everything,” said Boney. “When I went to Ohio University, I didn’t know anything about broadcasting at all. I just thought it would be fun. My initial plan was to get into sports. I started working at WOUB during my sophomore year and did occasional radio sportscasts, and it went on from there.”

During his sophomore year, Boney was influenced by other students who worked at WOUB and the news professional staff.  “The news director was a real stickler. He was an old school news director, and he was tough. He taught me the fundamentals of journalism. He wanted the facts. He wanted the news.”

Boney anchoring with another student
Boney learned from professional staff and fellow students while on the air at WOUB

The next school year, Boney was part of a morning radio show at WOUB called AM Athens. Boney remembers that a fellow student who later became a CNN anchor and correspondent, Martin Savidge, was the host of the show. Boney anchored the sports portion of the program.

“When I became a senior, there was a job posting at WOUB for a news editor position,” said Boney. “I applied. I was the only one who applied, and I got the job by default. Because of that job and all the experiences I had at WOUB, I had a good background in news and sports when I graduated. I felt like I knew what was going on. I certainly was prepared to get a job when I graduated. The fundamentals of telling a story and making sure all of the facts were correct, all of that was instilled at WOUB.”

After graduation, Boney worked in radio in Dayton before moving to Youngstown.

“When I look back at these last 40 years, and my time in Dayton and Athens, I’m really proud,” said Boney. “It’s really been great.”