Albertsons Stadium in Boise, ID

Ohio Football: Solich, Players talk about blue turf

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BOISE, Idaho — From the Rocky Mountain high altitude to the blue turf — it’s what every team has to deal with when they play at Albertsons Stadium. But for Ohio, they’re just treating it like a football game, so once kickoff happens, it’s game on.

“We’re looking forward to it, just hope we don’t see Navy blue uniforms,” Nathan Rourke said. “If they do, it is what it is. Obviously, Boise State, we know all about it. If you follow college football and see the things that they’ve been able to do by representing the Group of 5. It’s a very beautiful stadium, and a beautiful state and being able to explore it a little bit. I think it’s unique to get to play on a field like this.”

“I play games a lot so, growing up playing NCAA football as a little kid, I would literally play at this stadium,” Javon Hagan said. “I would play with Florida and pick Boise stadium just because of the colors and to the franchise and fun stuff like that. It’s weird to be here, but it’s also a blessing as well because you grow up seeing this field and crazy that we are actually here.”

“There is some talk about blue uniforms on the blue turf,” Frank Solich said. “Maybe there’s something to that, I really don’t know. I didn’t see it in our game the last time and I hope I don’t see it again this time. But I do know, I don’t care what color your team’s uniform is, if you line up with the right guys, you’re going to have yourself a great chance.”