Ezra Furman NMF
Ezra Furman, a NMF veteran, will return to the Nelsonville Music Festival this year. (Jessica Lehrman)

Nelsonville Music Festival 2020 WOUB Interviews: Ezra Furman

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and I have an afternoon interview scheduled with Ezra Furman, a recently announced addition to the 2020 Nelsonville Music Festival. Furman performed at the festival back in 2015, and she’s coming back this year after having released the soundtrack for Netflix’s hit series Sex Education just a few weeks before our conversation, and 2019’s sonically raw 12 Nudes only a few months previous.

The emotional holiday feels like an appropriate setting for a conversation with Furman, whose music is exquisitely impassioned regardless of what genre she is working in the context of. Although I botch up the initial call, Furman calls me right back, handling my nervousness with a sort of truly understanding kindness I am not accustomed to in these circumstances.

Listen to Furman and I talk about Sex Education, potato chips, and the Nelsonville Music Festival in the interview embedded above.

The 2020 Nelsonville Music Festival will take place June 4 through June 7. Tickets and more information are available at this link.