Things to Think About if You are Considering Switching Parties in this Primary

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Republicans in Ohio might be tempted to cross over to vote for a Democrat in that party’s presidential primary on March 17th. After all, the Republican presidential candidate, President Donald Trump, is unopposed. But there are some things you should know before doing that.

If you are a Republican but ask for a Democratic ballot, you will be limited to voting on Democratic on down ticket races in the primary too. And you will be listed as affiliated with the Democratic party until you ask for a Republican or non-partisan ballot in the next primary.  Aaron Ockerman, Executive Director of the Ohio Association of Elections Officials, says in the meantime, if you want to sign a petition for a Republican candidate, it won’t count.

“You have to wait until the next election. You have to vote in the Republican primary and re-affiliate with the Republican party then you can, once again, engage in party activity,” Ockerman says.

Since you’d be considered a Democrat, you could get solicitations from that party’s candidates and you might miss getting the same type of information from the Republican party. Those who pull a non-partisan ballot won’t see any primary candidates but they will still be able to vote on local issues.