Gov of Kentucky at podium with sign language interpreter next to him
Gov. Andy Beshear speaks on Kentucky’s COVID-19 cases.

Kentucky Reports Highest One Day Coronavirus Case Total

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Governor Beshear has announced the largest one day total of coronavirus cases in Kentucky.  During his daily briefing Sunday night, the governor reported 273 new cases and four deaths.  Beshear said the total number of COVID-19 cases is just 40 shy of three thousand.

While many of the serious cases and deaths have taken place in those over 60 years of age, the governor noted there are some in that age category with mild symptoms. “So, what’s happened on some of these is you’ll get one person who is sick or showing symptoms, and if you have the resources, you’ll come in and you’ll test a whole floor of residents or maybe even more, and you get positives and some people you would never expect it, they’re doing great,” said Beshear.

But, Beshear says the state is still in the midst of the state’s Covid-19 plateau with increasing cases.  The federal guidelines call for states to see declining cases for 14 days before easing restrictions.

Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Steven Stack said even when restrictions begin to be lifted, the new normal will mean some significant day to day changes.  “And we know until we get vaccines and treatments, it’s going to come back when we stop doing all these social distancing measures.  So, you are forever going to wash your hands a lot more than you ever did before.  Wearing masks is probably going to become a much more normal and typical part of our lives going forward,” explained Stack.

Governor Beshear says COVID-19 testing limitations currently are based mostly on a lack of sufficient supplies like cotton testing swabs.