Unofficial Primary 2020 Results for Hocking County 

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Here are the unofficial results in Hocking County for Ohio’s extended primary, according to the county Board of Elections. Only contested races are listed. 


For Democratic presidential nominee: Joseph Biden received 1,153 votes, Bernie Sanders received 268 votes, Michael Bloomberg received 78 votes, Pete Buttigieg received 23 votes, Elizabeth Warren received 54 votes, Tulsi Gabbard received 8 votes, Tom Steyer received 7 votes, Michael Bennet received 4 votes, Deval Patrick received 3 votes, Amy Klobuchar received 19 votes, and Andrew Yang received 3 votes (via write-in). 

For the United States House of Representatives, 15th district: Joel Newby (D) received 696 votes and Daniel Kilgore (D) received 612 votes. Steve Stivers (R) received 2,013 votes and Shelby Hunt (R) received 384 votes.

For Ohio State Representative, 78th district (the Republican winner will face the Democratic winner in November): Charlotte Owens (D) received 1,243 votes. Bobby Mitchell (R) received 749 votes, and Aaron Adams (R) received 192 votes. 

For State Supreme Court Justice, term beginning Jan. 1, 2021: John O’Donnell (D) received 1,171 votes and Sharon L. Kennedy (R) received 1,899 votes.

For State Supreme Court Justice, term beginning Jan. 2, 2021: Jennifer Brunner (D) received 1,243 votes and Judi French (R) received 1,810 votes. 

Village of Buchtel current expenses levy renewal, 2.5 mills: 5 votes yes, 0 votes no. 

Hocking County prosecuting attorney: Ryan Black (R) received 1,706 votes and Benjamin Fickel (R) received 692 votes. 

Logan Elm Local School District levy renewal, 1% income tax: 491 votes no, 185 votes yes.

Logan Elm Local School District levy renewal, 2.4 mills: 497 votes no, 178 votes yes. 

Village of Laurelville additional police levy, 7 mills: 41 votes yes, 36 votes no. 


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