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Former WOUB Student has Hall of Fame Career but is not Done Yet

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Bob Pondillo graduated from Ohio University in 1973

ATHENS, OH – Dr. Bob Pondillo, Ph.D., has done almost everything there is to do in broadcasting, film and academia and says the foundation he built and connections he made at WOUB created opportunities and helped make it all possible. Now a retired Emeritus Professor of American Media History and Culture from Middle Tennessee State University, Pondillo is an author, a multi-award winning filmmaker and writer, a four-time regional Emmy winner for television writing and producing, and a 2002 Inductee of the Ohio Radio-Television Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame.

“At WOUB I had the opportunity to work on my skills while on the air,” said Pondillo. “This way one gets to figure out how to do the job and handle the pressure, make mistakes, try again, and really hone one’s craft.”

Pondillo already had a broadcast resumé when he came to Ohio University in 1969 but was eager to learn more at Ohio University and WOUB.

“I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and had opportunities to do broadcast work while I was in high school,” said Pondillo. “I worked at a small radio station in Niles, Ohio and did some work on WKBN Radio and TV in Youngstown. I even voiced the live introduction to the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. television news. It was great. So, I knew I loved broadcasting when I started college, and I knew I needed to work at WOUB to continue to grow.”

Pondillo was excited by the opportunities available at WOUB. He hosted a live, call-in radio show centered around issues on campus which gave him valuable experience that he used later in his career.

“The first time I worked at a station where they needed me to host a live, call-in program, I knew I could do it because I had already done it at WOUB,” said Pondillo.

Pondillo worked in radio, TV and film for more than 30-years before pursuing graduate degrees and moving into academia. His credits include: The Voice of America, Washington, D.C.; WNBC radio, New York; ABC Radio Networks, New York; Columbia Pictures Television, Los Angeles; Paramount Pictures Television, Los Angeles; as well as more than 20 local radio and television stations from Ohio to Florida.

In retirement, Pondillo is focusing on film, writing screen plays and trying to break into the feature film industry. He’s hoping the Ohio University/WOUB network will create an opportunity for him again.

“I’ve still got stories to tell. If there are any film or literary agent/managers in the Ohio University/WOUB family, get in touch with Bob,” said Pondillo with a chuckle.