Unofficial Election Results For Guernsey County

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Here’s a look at how the 17,957 people of 24,549 registered voters voted in Guernsey County’s 35 precincts.

For the president’s race, Joe Biden received 4,498 votes, Donald Trump received 13,077 votes, Jo Jorgensen received 170 votes and Howie Hawkins received 61 votes.

For US House District 6  Shawna Roberts received 4,110 votes. Bill Jonson received 13,137 votes.

For one of the Ohio Supreme Court seats Sharon Kennedy received 9,245 votes and John O’Donnell received 5,269 votes in Guernsey County

In the other seat, Judi French received 6,535 votes and Jennifer Brunner received 8,028 votes.

For Guernsey County Commissioner: Ron Gombeda received 5737 votes, Jerry Dale Lippery received 3,055 votes and Jack Marlin received 8,565 votes.

Ernest Gardner’s 10,647 votes beat Rusty Winland’s 6,314 votes for the other commissioner seat.

In the Guernsey County Clerk of Court of Common Pleas race Jennifer Johnson received 12,893 votes  and Marcia Gray received 3,172 votes.

Robert “Rocky” Hill won the Guernsey County Sherriff ‘s race. Hill’s 6,376 votes beat Jeffrey Paden’s 11,135 votes.

Guernsey County’s 1.5 mills Senior Services Levy passed 10,362  to 6,318 votes.

The Guernsey County Children’s’ Services Levy passed, as well, 10,362 to 6,318 votes. This was a replacement and increase to 2.9 mills.

The Cambridge 3.9 mills fire protection levy passed 2,499 to 1,101 votes

For Cumberland 6 mills current expenses levy passed 79 to 48 votes.

For Fairview 4.7 mills current expenses levy passed 14 to 5.

Lore City’s 3 mills current expenses levy just needed 80 votes to beat the 45 votes against the measure.

Lore City 3 mills street improvements levy also passed 86 to 38.

For Pleasant City, the 3 mills Street Improvement Levy received 111 votes.  31 people didn’t want it to happen.

The Quaker City 1.5 mills Sewage Disposal Levy passed with  95 votes. Against received 68 votes.

An 1.5 mills police protection levy passed in Senecaville with 95 votes against received 60 votes.

The Adams Township 1.5 mills road maintenance levy  received 740 “yes” votes and 251 against votes.

The Adams Township 2.5 mills Fire Protection Levy passed with 695 votes.   330 people voted against it.

The 1 mill Richland Township  road resurfacing levy passed, 580 votes to  221.

And the 0.5 mill Wills Township fire protection levy passed with 419 votes against  191 votes.