Ohio’s Only Black Elected Prosecutor Prepares To Take Office

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STARK COUNTY, Ohio (WOSU) — In January, Stark County will have its first-ever Black elected prosecutor. Republican Kyle Stone, 37, will also be the only Black county prosecutor in the state of Ohio.

Republican Kyle Stone will be the first-ever Black elected prosecutor in Stark County, and the only one currently serving in Ohio.

“I am willing to do whatever it takes so that we can make sure that everyone no matter who they are in Stark County, they feel safe,” Stone says.

Stone is the managing attorney at KLS Law LLC in Canton, and says the three pillars of his campaign were unity, transparency and justice.

“I feel that when justice is the focus, it’s easy to be transparent,” Stone says. “And when it’s easy to be transparent, you an unify the community together.”

In November’s election, Stone beat 17-year incumbent Democrat John Ferrero 51-48%. Stone credits a “red wave” for Republicans in Stark County that boosted his campaign, and says Ferrero was not as active with court cases as he will be.

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