Ohio University Keeps S Grade Option

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The Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial AuditoriumATHENS, Ohio — In an effort to ensure student success, Ohio University is once again giving students the option to opt in for the S (Satisfactory) grade option for Spring 2021. The S grade option was given to students as classes transitioned to online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ohio University originally planned to remove the S grade for the 2021 Spring semester. However, after the response from students and faculty, Ohio University has reinstated the option for one more semester. Students can opt into the S grade in their My OHIO Student Center. Ohio University plans to remove the S grade for the Fall 2021 semester as classes will be mostly in person.


The S grade changes the grade received in class to Satisfactory, meaning student’s GPA will not be affected despite the grade they receive.


There are a few courses that are exempt from the Satisfactory option, these courses usually serve as key courses to the major it is assigned.

With the news of the S grade remaining, the students seemed to content with the news.

Freshman Kylee Barnett said “The S grade is a huge blessing during online classes. My entire college experience so far has been online, so I appreciate that I at least have the S grade option to fall back on.”


Senior Kane Stephens said “While I prefer online school, the S option is very helpful for me. I tend to stress myself out easily so it’s nice to have that option to relieve some of that stress. Junior Austin Goddard also expressed his appreciation for the S grade, saying “I wish the S grade was available for the remainder of my college career. However, I understand removing the S grade is part of returning classes to normal.”

Students studying in Alden Library
Students studying in Alden Library

It is safe to say that the strongest opinion amongst students is that the S grade option has improved their online class experience, which should not come as a shock to most people. While the S grade option will most likely be removed for the following semester, it has certainly helped students in their adjustment to the pandemic.


Ohio University’s plan for the upcoming semester has not been completely revealed to the public. However, Ohio University has announced that its first priority is safety while the university makes the transition back to fully in person classes. The deadline to opt in for the S grade option is 5:00 PM on May 5, 2021. For more information on Ohio University’s S grade process, visit their website Ohio.edu.