Hayfield & Crow II Radio A Sessions

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Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, WOUB filmed a number of regional bands performing in our Radio A Studio space. Some of the sessions were filmed almost two years ago, and WOUB Culture is proud to finally present them, like an artifact from the distant past. 


Hayfield & Crow demonstrated their enormous versatility as a band during their WOUB Radio A Session. From the soaring country rock of their opening song “Water On Stone” (from 2019’s Gathering Ghosts) to the rhythmic din of the Meat Puppets-esque “Unwind” to the thoughtful balladry of their closer “Leave Me Hangin'” (also off Gathering Ghosts) Hayfield & Crow covered an impressive length of emotional ground in a little under 14 minutes.

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0:00 – “Water On Stone”
5:33 – “Unwind”
8:53 – “Leave Me Hangin’”

Producers: Emily Votaw, Adam Rich, Josh Miller, Evan Shaw
Audio Engineer: Adam Rich
Videographer: Josh Miller
Video editing: Emily Votaw